The homeowner takes part in preparing the rooms for the removal process. It is not necessary for the homeowner to remove large heavy objects. The work crew will either work around large heavy pieces of furniture, or move them according to the discretion of the foreman.


Most normal rooms contain objects that are small. These objects can be moved easily by homeowners and are primarily considered room decor. These objects may include: lamps, plants and figurines. Wall decor must be moved as well. Wall decor includes: wall hangings, pictures, art work and mirrors. Adequate room preparation will contribute to the efficiency and productivity of the crew.



Most homeowners do not choose to have the acoustic ceiling removed inside of their closets. If closets are your own personal preference, remove the items off from the top shelf only. Should you have mirrored closet doors, the doors must be removed and placed outside of the house prior to crew arrival. The crew will work with standard wood closet doors.


Most building codes prevented acoustic applications in kitchen and bath areas. However, some dressing rooms, powder rooms and kitchenettes do have acoustic ceilings. If this is true with your home, remove any objects that can be tipped over and broken.